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RongSheng petrochemical under the sales company, specialized responsible for product sales, at present the product market already distributed in rongsheng in most parts of the country, and successfully exported to countries all over the world. from nearly three years rongsheng products market share look, along with the PTA project put into production, the market share of PTA rongsheng products have a substantially increased, polyester filament products total sales in the basic remain stable. Next, the company will use the existing technology, management and brand advantages strengthen market development, and through the capital market to complete industry chain, the expansion of the value chain, with strong and improve the PTA and polyester filament products market share.
Units: tonsRongsheng products in the past three years, the market share (chart)
  2011 annual 2010 annual 2009 annual
Product categories sales Market share sales Market share sales Market share
PTA 1,644,920.34 9.91% 1,368,711.46 6.52% 984,613.50 5.39%
Polyester filament 831,262.60 3.92% 517,370.18 4.56% 480,284.22 3.51%
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