Cheng yuan chemical fiber ratio of instrument technology to a successful conclusionPubDate:2011-12-9 Author:xxxx

On October 29,, as a group, the third post ratio of one of the project technology and yuan chemical fiber ratio of instrument technology to a successful conclusion. After a day's race, eventually HeFei vibration radiometer member won the first place, and the land against good and party king respectively won the second and third place.

The duration of the form is theory, combined with the practice operation, already investigate employee to work the instrument principle master, also investigate employee practical skills. Employees should be made according to the topic request to design control instrument circuit diagram and then for installation and commissioning. After the first round see drawing assessment problem, there are 15 players smoothly enters into the second round stage mock the actual operation. The actual operation evaluation standards are divided into three, respectively is employee operation skill, proficiency and the accuracy of the installation of the control circuit. The players by way of the basic skills of solid at ordinary times, completed mock project, and finally has the out of the top three.

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