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Rongsheng Has Ranked among the First Batch of Enterprise Technician Workshop in Xiaoshan District
PubDate:2012-3-19 Author:

Currently, Xiaoshan District Bureau of Labor and Social Security has authorized Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to establish Xiaoshang Enterprise Technician Workshop — Xiaoshan Ni Guoxiang Electrician Maintenance and Repair Workshop, whose leader is senior technician Ni Guoxiang.

The workshop declaration by each enterprise carries out a way of combining town recommendation with self-appointment, which later comes to expert review and qualification approval by related departments. It is reported that totally five enterprises get the approval of establishment of the first batch of enterprise technician workshop in Xiaoshan district.
After all, the competition among enterprises is the competition for talents, and the sustainable development of enterprises depends on talents. At the present times, there are 27 technicians, 73 senior workers, all the elites of different departments. The foundation of technician workshop has a positive effect on technical explorations, technical innovation, technical communication, technique teaching and realization of passing on unique feats and crafts, thereby strengthening innovation ability and core competition of the enterprise. 

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