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As an enterprise of high and new technology, Rongsheng Petrochemical has core proprietary technologies of polyester and PTA manufacture. In the fields of PTA production process, PTA raw material feeding, polyester technological process and spinning technology, various technologies have reached an international advanced level. At present, Rongsheng Petrochemical has gained over 10 core technologies, including advanced control technology of PET plant, energy-saving and efficiency-increasing technology, surplus heat saving technology, PTA feeding technology, etc. Besides, the company is applying for another 6 patents for invention and 2 for utility model.


The company has formed a relatively completed system of research & development and utilization of technologies. The company has set a provincial enterprise technology center and a post-doctorate science & research workstation, which consists of a professional technology team with experts, doctors and senior engineers. At the same time, the company takes an active part in communicating with external environment to form a strategy of the integration of production, teaching and research. By keeping a long-term and closer relationship with higher education institutions as Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, etc. the company continuously stays at the forefront of research and development of chemical fiber industry.

Independent intellectual property rights: It is the ability to develop home-make plants technology, which can be considered as the technology of international first-class level to produce millions of tons of PTA through independent design, independent purchasing and independent construction. 


Localization of technology: Cooperating with some science & research or design institutions, the company follows the concept of recycling economy to optimize the technological process, energy consumption network, environmental facilitate. 


Localization of plants and equipments: The company makes full use of domestic equipment design and the ability of manufacture, and then successfully realize the first application of various key home-make equipments.


Three awards of “No. 1” in the world of PTA industry: 

The greatest production capacity of one production line

The lowest energy consumption of per unit of output

The lowest investment of per unit of output

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